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Photography that compliments your company and what it does.

Typical Client Comment....


Well done Dai - you did it again with minimum distruption at The Dorchester.

Great headshots and outstanding group photographs for our annual shareholders report.

Thank you and see you soon. 


Gerard Nolan, Syndicated Loans, Standard Bank S.A





Company Website & PR Photography


My relaxed style of company photography gets great results, attracting interest from the right people by adding eye catching content to your website and social media posts.


Whether you're a small business or a multinational, it's paramount that the imagery on your website and social media posts compliment who you are and what you do.



From £380


Company Headshots


To view the variety of unique headshots I shoot.



Shot at your offices or one of our numerous conveniently located pop-up studios, with multiple visits at no extra cost to suit staff availability.


We can match any style of headshot that your company uses, this is particularly important for multi nationals. 


Potential and existing clients love to see who they are working with! Whether for profiles on a company website, LinkedIn, or email signatures, company headshots and group photographs are an important part of a business.



As not everyone is available on the same day or even week, Dai can make several visits at no extra charge. 


You'll love the photos – we know that most people in the office are about as excited for picture day as they are for a dental appointment, but once your team experiences what we do, no one will feel that way anymore. 


From £50 each person



 Advantages of adding backgrounds after team members have been shot!




 No matter where or when the photograph was taken. if your company, like most, aims for website headshots of the team to look consistent. Placing the background to each shot seamlessly (cityscape or corporate colour) ensures this consistency, and is a huge help to large global companies with many offices who are growing and hiring new people on a regular basis.




With multiple intended uses for your headshots (Linkedin, company website, presentations, intranet or other marketing materials) digitally changing their backgrounds and orientation gives you flexibility and allows you to tailor your headshots to wherever you want to use them.


The branding and identity of your company might change so being able to alter the background of your existing headshots is key.




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