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A stunning sunset means just one thing autumn is on the way






July 19th it's Covid Freedom Day!







The Good Year Blimp came to London

30th June......









'Matador 3' a massive crane barge came into London from Rotterdam









An amazing sunset!





A fine art edit of Canary Wharf for an office reception.





Search for a body in the river









How about this, I've just received a Bachelor of Education Honours degree 40 years after I left college!


Thankyou York St John University


















Just amazing! A swan joined a Thames Clipper
flying above it's bow for over a mile!









Uber Boat by Thames Clippers Partnerships first day

Monday 3rd August 2020





















Linkedin post July.

The power and reach of a great headshot that compliments You and what You do!




























 'Selina' Thames Tideway Tunnel  Boring Machine Arrives in London from Germany via Holland. 











Sammy the seal swam past our studio
















I'm a 1930's Hollywood Photographer!




















I can make any lady look at least 300 hundred years older! This is my partner in crime Annie as the Duchess of Devonshire!




















May Sunday morning with house martins that visit us each year from spring to autumn all the way from South Africa wizzing around catching midges. 










The Red Arrows celebrate the 75th Aniversary of VE Day over London.
















The Pink Super Moon










Pink Super Moon.











Infamous artist Mason Storm









One of many set ups that Mason Storm directed to be shot for future painting reference.










March 1st




















Friday 31st January 2020





Wow, I was busy, a brunch for over 500 guests hosted by OMV at the Savoy.










Well that was a day and a half!














The extremely tall 22 Bishopsgatelit up for the very first time on January 15th.




















Six of the best super yacht to sail by my studio this year.

Sammy the Seal has come by most days in June so far always swimming on his back!

The Canary Wharf PA Club Summer Party at The Gun in their Gin Garden...

Tower RNLI on a shout.

Bristolian a carbon fibre ocean going yacht sailed by our studio.

Samantha the Seal popped by.....

The Apprentices Thames Barge Driving Event

Saturday 11th May 2019

Race Start: 13:00


The new annual and end of season event will take place on Saturday 11th May 2019, which allows Thames Watermen & Lightermen Apprentices drive (steer and row) barges over the traditional seven-mile course from Greenwich to Westminster, with just one Freeman onboard to provide support.



The race consists of three to five teams of Apprentices and reminds them of the traditional skills of lightermen who moved freight using just their own personal strength and ride the best possible tidal flows until the 1930's.

I had the honour of shooting the annual UAE-British Council meeting at Standard Chartered's London HQ.

 I had the great pleasure of hosting a 'Personal Branding' seminar with Alice Scutchey founder and members of the Canary Wharf PA Club at the wonderful Plateau. 

Thames RNLI out on a shout with helmsman Stan MBE my mate waving...!

'Woman' a stunning exhibition by Stephen Acosta at The Book Club in Shoreditch.

A short break in beautiful Stoupa Greece.

Hi Dai,

I'd just like to say how brilliant and professional the client thought you were - they will also be very happy that we are able to share the photographs with them so quickly. 


London | New York | Singapore | Aberdeen | Luzern


Super yacht Aviva owned by Billioniare Joe Lewis came into London, my photos were published in the Mail On Line.

The Watermen and Lightermen's annual Barge Driving Race took place on Saturday 30th June, what a fantastic spectacle......

 I shot the Asylum Show for my friend reknown artist Mason Storm.

A strategy meeting with Charlie Druce and Mac Mackenzie from Coast Productions with ex-Framstore President joining us on Sype from New York.

 My dinosaur photos were published in the Mail.

We had the great pleasure of filming Celebrity Chef Jose Pizzaro sampling his wonderful Catalonian tapas at the busy Jose and al la carte food at Pizzaro, both are in the trendy Bermondsey Street which is full of unique and diverse privately owned businesses, 5 minutes walk from London Bridge station, well worth a visit! https://josepizarro.com

The Vitality Big Half marathon, photos sent to Rex Shutterstock

Late February early March the 'Beast from The East' brought freezing temperatures and blizzards, The City of London disappeared engulfed in a snow storm.

I took delivery of a high spec iMac which is really helping to speed my editing up.

A Super Moon came to London this is the morning on February 1st.

The launch of 'To Be Someone' a Pete Meadows and Ray Burdis Film by Archangel Productions.

The new London Bridge Station

News in 2017

 ArchAngel Productions launch party announced its new slate of films to go into production in 2018. 'Operation Good Guys The Movie', cult comedy classic, with the original cast including Dave Gillespie, Ray Burdis and Perry Benson. 'To Be Someone', comedy drama set against the backdrop of Mod Culture, starring Toyah Willcox, Mark Wingate, Lesley Chapman and Trevor Laird. And the controversial 'Ferris', based on the life of Glasgow Godfather, Paul Ferris.




Click on the link below to visit the launch.



Hurricane Ophelia caused eerie lighting over London.

In conjunction with Barclays Premier I took hunderds of headshots with all monies going to the Rainbows, over £3,000, fantastic....


I shot a video for 'You Say Tomato' at London's Borough Market presented by David Gillespie. Click on the link below to view.


International Petroleum Week comes to London from the 21st to 23rd of February and I'll be covering OMV's exclusive brunch at The Savoy, can't wait.....

An absolutely stunning January sunrise behind Canary Wharf.

News in 2016

The 2015/16 Clipper Around the World Race Finished . Click here to view the album https://flic.kr/s/aHskE8en3q

A Hindi funeral outside our studio.


PG Tips tea  topiary monkey passing the historic Prospect of Whitby pub on it's way into London for PR.

I enjoy 100% satisfaction from clients

My photographs were published in the Mail on Line

An extremely busy weekend shooting Thames Rib Experience trips......


The beautiful L'Austral cruiseship passed by our apartment/studio on her way into London mooring just around the corner by Tower Bridge.

The view from our apartment/studio..............

Thumbs up, I now have over 600 clients that use my photographs for their Linkedin profile......!

The first morning moon of 2016
Discovered a process to create Cartoon style images from photographs!
Discovered a HDR edit that works amazingly well in black and white.

Discovered a HDR edit that works amazingly well in black and white.

I'm extremely happy with this edit of Canary Wharf contrasting against lamposts.

News in 2015

An absolutely beautiful start to the final day of 2015....

The 2015 ProMedical Christmas Awards at London's Exclusive Mayfair Hotel.
One of the many edited images for the 2016 DIPHONE catalogue.

I've photographed a few inanimate objects over the years but this is quite a task photographing stainless steel door entry panels and inserts for AIPHONE's 2016 catalogue!

Nov 21, 2015 


The Shard is dazzling me.
Nov 12, 2015 

The sun's reflection against the Shard is incredibly bright, dazzling me as I edit photographs.

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The Heron Tower

Nov 12, 2015 
The Heron Tower's solar panels reflect a November sunrise.

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